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The Lux app offers daily LIVE and INTERACTIVE PRAYER, ON-DEMAND FAITH FORMATION through Lux University, a PRIVATE NETWORK OF CATHOLIC WOMEN and YOUR VERY OWN CHAPLAIN, Fr. Michael O'Loughlin, from the very popular podcast, Catholic Stuff You Should Know

The Lux app is THE faith hub, where prayer, connection and faith formation meet.


Choose a plan & join an amazingly faithful, fun and engaged network of Catholic women who strive to grow in their faith and do something beautiful in the world.

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What You Get

Interactive LIVE Daily Prayer

Daily LIVE Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets with women around the world

Daily interactive evening prayer and nightly blessing from your Chaplain Fr. Michael O'Loughlin

Curated prayer plans and devotions for your personal use

Pre-Recorded Audio Prayers for use on the road, in the gym or at home 


A Private Community

A PRIVATE Social Media network complete with groups- (think Facebook without the trolls)

Prayer intentions lifted up by the Lux community in real-time!

Live interactive Q&As with Leah and Fr. Michael

Featured devotionals by Sarah Cristmeyer, author of the Women In the Word, and Ascension Press's Bible Study Timeline and The Great Adventure Bible

Lux U 

Formation Courses taught by your Lux Instructors: Leah Darrow, Sr. Miriam James, Dr. Carrie Gress, Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, Lisa Cotter, Fr. Michael O'Loughlin, Elizabeth Zelasco, with more in production. Complete with on demand audio, video, downloadable coursebook and even optional quizzes for those Type A learners!

LIVE Q&As with your Lux instructors

Opportunities for Mentorship by the Lux team

Opportunities to Lead inside the community 

Your own LUX Chaplain

Weekly Sunday Gospel Reflections by Fr. Michael

Nightly Interactive Prayer and Blessing with Fr. Michael 

LIVE interactive Qand As



Your schedule is insane. You’re busy. Budgets are Real. You love your Faith. And now, half the world is in quarantine without the ability to go to Mass!! But these obstacles don't have to keep you from learning your faith on a more academic level, connecting with other Catholic Women in your shoes, deepening your prayer life, and your relationship with Jesus. 

Lux U is an online Catholic formation program created BY Catholic Women FOR Catholic Women. Think of an on-demand, well-produced library of theology courses for the busy Catholic woman, minus the tens of thousands of dollars and homework assignments from a traditional Masters program. Hallelujah! In addition, our team and community will offer you the chance to learn to pray daily with us LIVE in the app, read daily devotionals by renowned authors and Bible experts, and we walk you through this by curating one course at a time to do together as a community.

Lux U is designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of modern mothers, career women, grandmothers, entrepreneurs, students, and everything in-between. You will be challenged but you will not be stressed by the coursework. It is at your pace and on-demand. Additionally, you will have Leah, her partners, and the Lux Community and Team to keep you engaged, on track and accountable. You can be as engaged or as chill as you want to be. 

We offer a unique selection of “courses” inside Lux U that help you understand your Catholic faith better, with its ultimate aim at a deeper relationship with Christ Jesus and the Blessed Mother. We are constantly working on bringing you NEW content and courses on faith topics YOU want and need. All course content is theologically reviewed and faithful to Church teachings. 

Lux U courses are taught by some of the very best Catholic speakers, authors, professors and religious. Every Course is comprised of multiple Lessons and each comes with its own worksheets for you to unpack the material and really take it in on your own time. 


Lux Basic: 

This plan gives you access to the Prayer and Community portions of the Lux app.




$49.99/year *Best Value with 2 FREE months!


  • Join in LIVE prayer events throughout the week or watch the on-demand replays

  • LIVE Sunday Gospel reflections every week with Lux Chaplain, Fr. Michael O’Loughlin

  • Never be alone in your faith again! Join a community of women you can pray and grow with

  • You’ll be able to see and connect with other Lux ladies in your own city! 

  • Share in a community of women who are committed to investing in their faith life

  • Read reflections made specifically for you - the busy wife, employee, friend that’s short on time but needs a faith community and accountability! 

  • Ability to Post, Comment, Like on all threads, message other members - just like your favorite social media platforms but without the distraction! 

  • Please Note: This plan does NOT include access to Lux University - our ever growing library of on demand & in-depth courses designed to help you grasp your faith on a deeper level.

  • *The Lux app is accessible on mobile and desktop devices!

Lux University: 

Full access to Lux University, our ever-growing library of theology courses, & the Prayer and Community portions of the Lux app.Price: $29.99/month or$299.99/year *Best Value with 2 FREE months!Benefits: 
  • This plan offers access to everything we have to offer. 

  • Full Access to Lux University: Our ever-growing library of theology courses 

  • We create 6-12 new Lux U courses a year based on YOUR feedback

  • Worksheets, Quizzes and Resource guides inside Lux U to help you retain the information and go deeper.

  • On-demand learning with no tests! You pick the pace!

  • Full access to the Prayer and Community portion of Lux app 

  • LIVE prayer events throughout the week with on-demand replay

  • LIVE Sunday Gospel reflections with Lux Chaplain, Fr. Michael O’Loughlin

  • Written spiritual reflections, and a community of women who like you want to grow in their faith! 

  • Connect with like-minded women and even find out where the Lux ladies are near you!

  • Ability to Post, Comment, Like on all resources, message other members - just like your favorite social media platforms but without the distraction and NO TROLLS!

  • *The Lux app is accessible on mobile and desktop devices

  • 📍📍SPECIAL NOTE FOR APPLE iOS USERS: Avoid Apple's 30% service fee by downloading the Lux app via the links provided on this landing page. 

     Refunds or cancelations for App purchases made in the Apple iOS App Store can only be issued by Apple at their discretion. 

    Tech Support & Account Help

Below are some frequently asked questions as well as where to get the right help for your concern or problem. We are here to help! And are happy to do so! 

  • Who can I contact for technical issues with my app?

  • I’m locked out of my account what can I do?

  • I’m having trouble with the audio on my videos

    •  For iOS users make sure to switch on the volume button on the side of your phone. All other issues please email

  • Issues with content or billing?

  • How can I report an abuse of the app?

    • Please hover over the post in question, tap the 3 vertical dots, then hit the “report” button to alert the hosts. 

  • How can I change my plan?

    • Inside the app, you can go to your purchases > click on the plan you have purchased and then you should get the option to move between monthly and annual. 

    • NOTE: Payment plans can only change after the last billing cycle is complete. Monthly billing cycles are every 30/31 days, and Annual billing cycles are one year to the date created.

  • Can I Get a Refund?

    • We will happily issue a refund within 7 days of purchase of your purchase.  

    • Refunds will not be issued after 7 days of purchase. Sorry, no exceptions.

    • Cancellations can still be made by going to your purchases > click on your plan > then cancel subscription. This will stop all future payments, according to the plan you initially chose (monthly or annual).

Who We Are

Founded by Leah Darrow, we are a group of faithful Catholic women. We proclaim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we honor the Theotokos, and are faithful to Catholic Church teachings, Sacred Scripture and Tradition. 

We are wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters. From the corporate world to the domestic world, we strive for holiness. And we’re all busy - we get it. But here's the thing - We have a right and duty to KNOW our faith. To LIVE our Faith. And to LEAD others to HIM.

We are the heart of the domestic church. We are leaders in our own God-given right and capacity, and strive to be the saints we’ve been made and called to be.  

Let HER Be Light! Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this, we are here to help you believe it and become it. 

What Others Have to Say

“Leah Darrow is wonderful witness of truth, zeal and wit. Her ability to articulate wisdom, Church doctrine and common sense living is a gift to all who hear her. With a heart for the broken and a love for the lost, Leah shares the faith clearly and succinctly, allowing the listener to apply the truth to their lives and bring about deeper conversion of heart and mind.” -Sr. Miriam James Heidland

"Leah Darrow is, without question, one of the most gifted teachers of the faith today. Her dynamic and engaging style will inspire you to become the woman God created and calls you to be." - Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, author, speaker, EWTN radio and television host. 

“Leah’s honest, real, and passionate way of articulating and communicating the Gospel is a true gift to the New Evangelization and to our Church!”                         -Sarah Swafford

‘Leah is not only an effective teacher of the Gospel, but a living witness of it. Her faith, joy, humor, and her “realness” gives her the ability to connect and impact all different types of people!”-Jackie Francois-Angel

"Leah is an extraordinary teacher, leader, and guide when it comes to women's ministry. She is truly gifted at connecting with women and encouraging them toward the path that will bring them true and lasting joy." -Emily Wilson-Hussem

The Lux Story and Mission

Lux is latin for “light”

The woman at the well in John’s gospel, also known as St. Photina (photina is Greek for light), has been a source of great inspiration to us. She humbly encountered Christ, accepted Him and then bravely went back into her town to proclaim His power and glory. Outside of the Blessed Mother, she was the first female evangelist, proclaiming the identity of Jesus as Messiah and His saving power. 

We believe this is our path as well. To proclaim the saving power, mercy and glory of Christ Jesus to our “town” - whether that be our family, children, spouse, coworker, neighbor or stranger. 

Our Why

Make no mistake about it. We are on a mission to connect, pray, and help form Catholic women in their Catholic faith. The largest group inside the Catholic Church is the laity and women comprise the majority of it. Women are the heart of the domestic church and we want to help you know your faith and become the leader you are and were made to be!

And please, let us be clear, we are not attempting to usurp the Priesthood or burn our bras. We are faithful Catholic women, loyal to Church teachings, who are not afraid to be the Christ-centered leaders for ourselves, our children, families and the world. We place ourselves under the mantle of Our Lady and call upon her to continue to guide us to Her Son. We have consecrated Lux to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and we are covered in prayer and intercession by the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart in Los Angeles. We also have our very own Chaplain in Fr. Michael O'Loughlin who guides us in our mission to serve your spiritual needs.

You are a light. You are a leader, my sister. Our world and church needs you. Maybe you know it, maybe that beautiful truth has been covered by insecurity or just time lost - no matter - we are here to help you believe and become it. 

Let HER Be Light!

Join us, sister! We need you! You are welcome here! 

About Our Founder:

Leah Darrow 

Hey friends! I'm Leah. Founder and Creator of Lux University and the Lux Network! 

 I truly believe you ARE a light and a leader. 

I don't think for a second that God made women to be sidecar accessories - but leaders in our own right, using our feminine genius, as St. John Paul II taught us. But maybe you've doubted that, or maybe something has occurred that has tried to diminish it, either way, we are here to help you develop, believe and become the light and leader Christ Jesus is calling you to be. 

I wasn't always on "the right track". You should know that. I don't hide from my past, but let it be a reflection of God's great mercy for us. I spent over a decade away from the practice of my faith, regardless of my faithful parents and good upbringing. I made some bad choices, and those choices carried a weight of shame I couldn't bear any longer - so instead of running to Jesus, I ran away. I'm sure you've read the parable of the Prodigal Son .. well, I'm his sister. I found my way back to Jesus and His unfathomable mercy on April 2, 2005 and haven't looked back since. 

I earned my Masters Degree in Theology from the Augustine Institute, graduating with honors. I am the author of The Other Side of Beauty and Decent Exposure, and host of the Do Something Beautiful podcast. I am an Evangelist and a Catholic speaker - that adventure began over 11 years ago.

On a more fun and personal side, I am a wife to Ricky and mama to five little wildlings all under the age of 6 years old. My current life motto is: "These are my monkeys, and this is my circus". My life is a chaotic blend of having it together and NOT having it together (not even close).  For relaxing, I love to read anything by Popes JPII and Benedict XVI, motivational and entrepreneur books, love being near large bodies of water, and enjoy a good sunset with Ricky and a glass of wine. I have a life goal of kayaking with orcas ... I'll let you know when that happens and if I survive.

I can't wait to meet and connect with you inside the Lux app! 


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