This Book was Banned

on Social Media!

The Anti-Mary Exposed by Dr. Carrie Gress was banned from Social Media recently.

Luckily, we created a private course with Dr. Carrie Gress so you can see why.  

What is it?

The Anti-Mary Culture

with Dr. Carrie Gress

We designed this course with the idea that women deserve the best role model in history - the most powerful woman in the world - and to be free from the influences that try to keep them from fulfilling their potential.


As a Student of The Anti-Mary Culture, you can expect to take away lots of new knowledge.


You can also expect to...

  • Explore the history behind radical feminism and how it still effects us today

  • Understand the mind and philosophy of the women who championed the cause of ultra feminism

  • Be inspired to go to Mary as the antidote to all troubles. 

  • Understand the historical facts that make Mary the best model for all women

Are You Ready To Unpack the Anti-Mary Culture?

Here's What You'll Get ...

"The Anti-Mary Course"

taught by Dr. Carrie Gress, Ph.D.,

based on her best selling book, The Anti-Mary Exposed.  

  • You will receive six, high-quality, in depth, video lessons taught by Dr. Carrie Gress, Ph.D. These lessons will give you a detailed understanding of radical feminism and how to respond.  

  • Each Lesson includes a detailed Worksheet along with Reflection Questions. We also added a special Quiz to each lesson ... and don't worry, answers are provided.

Here's What People Are Saying About

The Anti-Mary Course...

"So eye opening and heart-wrenching I am almost in tears! I was somewhat aware of the societal harms as a result of the feminist movement, but I had no idea the motives and origins of the movement."

"So so so good!!! I just love Carrie Gress and how she presents these topics...such a gift! I listened to the 1st 4 lessons just yesterday, and can’t wait to continue. Thank you Leah and Lux team!" 

"Loved this course as much as I loved the book! I have a lot to reflect on to see how I have bought into this lie in my own life.


Thanks Lux!"


The Spirit of the Anti-Mary

In this first lesson on The Anti-Mary Culture, Dr. Carrie Gress introduces the idea of a “Spirit of anti-Mary”, what that means, and how it came about. She introduces the resulting cultural trends, but reminds us that Mary is the remedy and the key to regaining an authentic sense of femininity.


Women of Folly

In this second lesson on The Anti-Mary Culture, Dr. Carrie Gress examines the women who spearheaded the feminism movement in the 60’s, and the darker side to feminists’ meteoric rise to stardom among them that contributed to the widespread Anti-Marian spirit of today.


Virginity and Motherhood

In this fifth lesson on The Anti-Mary Culture, Dr. Carrie Gress discusses what motherhood means and how all women are indeed called to be mothers.



In this sixth and final lesson on The Anti-Mary Culture, Dr. Carrie Gress helps us to understand what Mary’s beauty means and what it can teach us.

The Anti-Mary Course

One Time Payment

  • 6 in-depth Video Lessons with Dr. Carrie Gress

  • Small-Group Worksheets and Quizzes to go along with each lesson.

  • Audio Files for your Convenience

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